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Effectively supporting C-level executives mandates a wide range of knowledge and essential 21-century skills. Our main goal at EA Hacks is to improve the essential pillars that allow you to excel and thrive when it comes to helping and working in the top office. 

Our training is customised to cater for each client's needs. We provide a variety of coaching services through individual consultations, growth pods of 2 - 3 people, larger group settings of 7 - 12 people, seminars and conferences. Whether you commit to a one-time consultation, a growth pod or a 10-session program, key takeaways of each sitting will be practical, doable and ones that make you better at your job. Time with us will propel you to reach what you and your manager define as success in the role.  

Our areas of expertise are highlighted below. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our services. 

White Walls

Mastering Core Competencies

  • Exceptional Organization

  • Sharp Attention to Detail

  • Solid Time Management

  • Clear Communication

  • Unyielding Confidentiality

  • Impeccable Coordination

  • Google Workspace Tools/ MS Office Proficency


Attaining Optimal Efficiency

  • Effectively Leveraging AI & AI Enhanced Tools 

  • Tech Literacy & Savviness 

  • Fierce Prioritization

  • Fearless Delegation

  • Active Problem Solving

  • Strong Project Management

Approach to Work

  • Foresight and Anticipation 

  • Superhuman Composure Under Pressure

  • Resourcefulness

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Quick-witted Adaptability

  • Determination and Grit

Work Desk

Relationship Management

  • The Executive's Mindset

  • Synergy and Rhythm

  • Managing Difficult Conversation 

  • The Position's Societal Aspect 

  • Navigating High Profile Networks

Light and Shadow
Image by Kelly Sikkema

Key Leadership Skills

  • Decision Making Process

  • Managing Up

  • Big Picture Thinking

  • Basics of Numbers and Financials

  • Decoding Complex Reports

  • Language and Communication for Leaders

White Sand and Stone

Refining the

Quality of Work

  • The Work and its Impact

  • The Link to Organizational Complexities

  • Excellence and Accuracy Skills

  • Approach to Errors, Missed Deadlines and Dropped Balls.

Coaching and training with us is an investment in your career and will yield the following outcomes and benefits:

  • A life-long kit of pragmatic tools that help one to excel in any professional role. 
  • Laser accuracy and excellent quality of work.
  • A competent and structured approach to work.
  • Increased productivity and quick turn-around times.
  • Go-getter confidence and grit.
  • A clear understanding of role and expectations. 
  • Enhanced office rapport and coherent teamwork.
  • Improved job satisfaction. 
  • Understanding of possible career progression pathways.
  • A strong network of like-minded peers in the C-suite support space. 
Business Colleagues

For the 

We coach the best in the field. Our services develop highly efficient (and happy) Executive Assistants and support personnel, who understand your needs, and can competently execute and lead the C-suite admin function. 
This translates to significant benefits for your office. 
  • Job satisfaction, role longevity and reduced turnover in support roles, built from understanding the role and its impact, as well as confidence in the ability to deliver.
  • Healthy office synergy, teamwork and work flow resulting from improved approach to work and relationship management skills.
  • Extra time in the CEO's or executive's pocket, gained from the assistant's proficiency and quality work, as well as the elimination of admin tasks and time-wasters from the executive's desk.
  • Higher profit margins/ better bottom line due to efficient work processes, maximized time and efforts, reduced turnover and reduced re-hiring efforts. 
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