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We are driven by excellence and cultivate a progressive set of standards for Executive Assistants and C-level support personnel that foster, efficiency, high-quality work, role satisfaction and dedication.

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Our work is anchored by our commitment to: 

  • Catapult and upskill Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants and Chief of Staffs to a bespoke level of efficiency and execution. 

  • Avail a well-documented reference and go-to source for guidance, advice and tested tips.


  • Impart industry-specific insights that are easy to digest and implement. 


  • Unpack the benefits and potential development trajectories for C-suite support roles.​

  • Be a safe and discrete platform to discuss and formulate ways to navigate sensitive situations.


  • Save C-suite executives energy, time and money through job satisfaction, maximized productivity and minimized office turnover.


  • Enhance the rapport, collaboration and workflow between executives and immediate support. 


  • Develop exceptional C-suite support talent.

Key Players

Prudence Chikono - Founder and Chief Coach

Prudence has served as direct support to CEOs, Executive Directors and CFOs in the corporate and social impact spaces for the past 13 years. Having successfully experienced the pinnacle of her career as an Executive Assistant, Prudence now dedicates her time to sharing her experiences with those in the support industry who are pursuing a rewarding and successful career path. 

Her first role as an assistant was in a fast-paced environment and did not come with much of a handover to draw from. With her go-getter I-can-do-anything attitude and a supportive manager, she chartered her path to enable success in her newfound role. This entailed an in-depth understanding of what the executive required and implementing the most effective execution and delivery strategies. Succeeding in her first role opened doors and served as a launchpad for her career as an influential support function and Executive Assistant in a range of fields.

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Prudence served as the Executive Assistant to Chris Bradford, the Founder, former CEO and current Executive Chair, of African Leadership Academy, for three years. Prudence also worked closely with the Academy’s Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. In prior years, she directly supported executives in Healthcare, International Development, Law and Travel and Tourism. More about her 13-year career can be found here

Currently, Prudence is the Learning Experience Designer of a tech-focused soft skills Foundations Program that has over 18,000 young professionals enrolled. In 2022, Prudence designed and delivered an 8-week online course to develop leading Virtual Assistants through the ALx Virtual Assistant Program. Over 60,000 VAs from all over the world have taken the course since it started in May 2022.  

Prudence developed EA Hacks as a platform to share lessons learned, transfer skills, and train others in C-suite support roles to successfully navigate their environment and responsibilities with unparalleled effectiveness. Her blog 'Notes to Younger Pru', shares useful tricks, tips and tit-bits that propel success in the C-suite support space. 

In her spare time and as energy-givers, Prudence enjoys trekking to reconnect with nature and exploring heritage landmarks. Prudence’s favorite architectural tour was the Basilique du Sacré Cœur de Montmartre in Paris, France. A notable trekking highlight for her was summiting Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Prudence holds a Bachelor of Accounting Sciences in Financial Accounting from the University of South Africa. 

Get in touch with her for a consultation, to talk about her work or collaborate on a project.

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