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Dear executive, invest in your assistant - their efficiency is the secret to your productivity.

Boosting profit margins, far-reaching impact, uninterrupted focus time, optimised workflow, quality output, and team synergy. These are the key aspirations voiced by executives. One potent strategy to actualize these goals is to invest in and elevate your assistant's capacity to effectively fulfil their tasks. Equip them with essential modern workplace skills and harness their power to outperform.

Think "reclaiming your time, money and assurance" thanks to: your assistant’s above-par and quality execution, the certainty of role retention and desired longevity, the confidence that your assistant is consistently on top of things, a productive rapport fostered by mutual trust, and confidently redirecting those admin tasks that sneak up on your desk back to the rightful handler.

Your assistant's ability to deliver - or not - has a direct impact on you. So, we ask, are they adequately equipped?

Unlocking your assistant's potential, and empowering them with knowledge and tools to efficiently deliver directly translates - and is foundational - to your success in fulfilling strategic objectives. Your productivity as an executive speaks volumes about the standard of your work. It either edifies or steals from your greater goal.

So we ask you to take a quick step back and conduct a mental survey of your day-to-day. What is filling your plate and consuming your most valuable and irreplaceable resource, time? Are they key priorities and strategic foci that speak to your OKRs and deliverables as an executive? Or is a good chunk of your time and brain power spent babysitting and wrestling with non-executive tasks that belong on a colleague's desk?

Furthermore: Is your assistant aiding your optimum efficiency? Are they adequately equipped to protect your time and deliver to expectations?

If you answered "no" to any of the last two questions, we have the solution. Training your assistant is the secret weapon to reclaim your time and elevate your standard of efficiency! But, your assistant won’t wake up and stumble into improved performance if no one equips them with the “how”. All it takes is one hour a week of coaching with us. And, it is all customised to meet your needs.

Be it on-point stakeholder management - so those thank you notes go out on time; sharp attention to details - particularly with those TSA and tax forms; or adopting tested AI-supported apps - for fault-proof minutes and fail-proof itinerary. As C-suite support Executive Assistants with a 15-year track record ourselves, we know what works and can empower your assistant and support so your office functions at its optimum.

Our coaching and training minimise costs and offer a more reliable path to success. It’s carefully structured in short weekly hour-sessions over 6, 8 or 12 weeks. This translates to equipping your assistant with 5 must-have critical skills in 6 weeks, 7 critical skills in 8 weeks or 12 critical skills in 3 months. 

Here's what you stand to gain:

  • A bespoke assistant and top performer as part of your team.

  • Role certainty - as training minimizes the risks of disruption that come with hiring anew.

  • Less admin on your desk.

  • Time back in your pocket - for you to focus on the important thing

  • Streamlined workflow and enhanced productivity - because they will understand what's needed and have the toolkit to fulfil expectations.

  • Grounded assurance of knowing that your support can - and will - deliver

  • Improved team rapport and synergy - an undeniable benefit of a winning, purpose-driven assistant who knows their trade.

Lethargy, frustration, dropped balls, avoidable mistakes, or lengthy turnarounds can often be addressed through tailored coaching and a shift in perspective. 

More often than not, your assistant wants to succeed and excellently deliver.

Logic tells us, if they made it into your office, they have the potential to deliver. A few sessions with us and you'll witness your support transform into an attentive, proactive executor who not only anticipates your needs but also stays two steps ahead.

Your success is our mission. Let us know what you envision for your ideal assistant and we will make it a reality.

The Secret C-Suiter



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