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Welcome to EA Hacks, where we're not just about supporting assistants; we're all about propelling careers to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned executive assistant, a fresh-faced personal assistant, a dedicated secretary, or part of the elite C-suite support team, we're here for you. Our mission? To equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to not just survive, but thrive and flourish in your role.

At EA Hacks, we provide keys to success

Our pragmatic toolkit is designed to unleash the full potential of administrative support personnel, empowering them to execute their work excellently and efficiently. Through our coaching and training programs, we elevate 21st-century essential skills including organization, foresight, and proactiveness, ensuring assistants stay two steps ahead and always on the ball. Our coaching goes beyond the conventional. We harness the power of tested AI hacks and tech tools, incorporating innovative and strategic methods to streamline workflow and boost productivity.

We don't just meet expectations; we exceed them and are setting a new standard for excellence in administrative support.

We unleash


Our coaching services are also tailored to help individuals navigate challenges and turn them into victories. We foster positive work environments that not only benefit the individual but also their direct managers, teams, and organization. With our guidance, individuals thrive in their roles, driving positive outcomes for everyone involved.
The blog “Notes to Younger Pru” shares industry-specific insights and guidance garnered from 15 years of C-Suite assistance.

Explore our website to discover our offering and how our services can benefit you. Whether you're seeking 1-1 coaching, team training, or consultations, we have the tools to help administrative support personnel excel in their role. Get in touch to schedule a complimentary consultation and let us unlock that potential together!


Young Woman with Smart Outfit

Mirage - Administrator

I’ve learned a lot from Prudence Chikono. She showed me how to get the most out of simple programs like Microsoft Excel and Word. She taught me proper telephone etiquette and how to communicate with stakeholders professionally. I've become confident in myself. Prudence taught me the most important lesson of all: to be useful in everything I do and to not limit myself in any way.

Businesswoman at Conference

Khanyisa - Chief of Staff

I wholeheartedly recommend Prudence to anyone who is looking to succeed in the C-suite support space. She has an uncanny way of meeting you right where you are and giving just the right advice at the right moment. Our exchanges were foundational in how I understand my role as part of an executive team and wider organization. 
Her guidance was both motivational and practical. 

Anonymous - Executive Assistant

Prudence is committed to seeing others succeed. I found her training comprehensive, her teaching style resourceful and it empowered me to be an exceptional executive assistant. 

Talking on the Phone
Coonect with us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Thank you for reaching out. We are busy making the world of admin support much more enjoyable for all and will be in touch as soon as we take our superhuman capes off.

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